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Author:Marcus Kazmierczak
Posted:9/6/1999; 5:21:40 PM
Topic:Can I script Outlook Express or Eudora?
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I tend to have the same problem with mail scatterd over numerous computers. My solution is to use an IMAP mailbox (not available by all ISPs) this allows you to leave your mail on the network and "download" it just to read.

The problem that arises is the same, having too much mail on the network then downloading and viewing it takes awhile to sync up your local computer with the network mail.

General question, what do you want to do with the mail after it is out of the mailbox and in the database? Or is it just for archiving purposes? How do you see viewing/managing a database full of e-mails?

One of the problems of the information age, too much information.

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