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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/10/1999; 6:41:53 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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I asked Tim O'Reilly for help introducing XML-RPC to the Linux world. He sent an endorsement to the CEOs of VA Research, Red Hat and to Eric Raymond. Excellent!

SlashDot interviews Tim O'Reilly.

InfoWorld: Marc Andreessen Leaves AOL.

Marc Andreesen is a brilliant technical leader who was at the center of a software, literary and economic revolution. He's young, and will probably influence our industry for a long time to come.

Macrobyte: Queue Suite for Frontier.

Scientific American: Throat Singers of Tuva. "Testing the limits of vocal ingenuity, throat-singers can create sounds unlike anything in ordinary speech and song--carrying two musical lines simultaneously, say, or harmonizing with a waterfall." Throat singing *is* amazing. Check it out.

You can experience throat-singing right now, Scientific American has a page with links to QuickTime scans. Remember when you're listening, you're hearing a single human voice.

Tom Clifton's cat, Shasta, does not like Tuvan throat-singing.

ComputerWorld: The Moral Majesty of the W3C. "Nevertheless, even those who don't fancy the W3C's operating philosophy acknowledge that its agility is rare in a standards group and that its specifications bear a 'moral majesty.'" I hate moral majesty!

From the You Heard it Here First Department. The new word for the new web millennium, post Y2K, is churn. That's what we're all doing! Now you know.

Today's 'lite' question: Is Don Hopkins the Gilligan of the Internet?

Help request. The NY Times ran an article on weblogs a couple of months back. I'm looking for a pointer.

Wow! Jakob Nielsen found it, sort of, and lived to tell the story!

Lawrence Lee, the master of the search engines, found the Times story using a trick that most web readers wouldn't think of.

Speaking of search engines, here's a clue why the DaveNet piece, More Dancing Hamsters, has been read so often. It's the number one hit when you search for Dancing Hamsters on Alta Vista.

When I saw this link I thought Edie Brickell was sick! What a relief. Best wishes to Mrs. Simon for a quick recovery.

A picture of Edie Brickell with one of her fans. Isn't the web great? You can find anything!

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