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Anthem Screenshot

Author:Andrew Wooldridge
Posted:12/13/1999; 6:21:59 PM
Topic:Anthem Screenshot
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What is Anthem? It's my pet project which will allow anyone using mozilla (and a few files from me) to administrate their manila sites. It will leverage all the cool bells and whistles of "XUL" while still being entirely web-based. Here is a link to a screen shot.$270

The screen shot shows the tabbed interface for the various functions. I plan on doing such things as inline editing of messages - where instead of clicking "edit this page" you just type over what you see in the post! It will make working with manila much more "app-like" while still being entirely web-based.

XUL is an xml lanuage which mozilla uses to display it's "chrome". And is totally customizable by the user. If you want to find out about XUL - go here:

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