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Author:David Valentine
Posted:1/5/2000; 3:18:49 PM
Topic:HTML Renderer in the MacOS
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Mac OS is slipping further and further behind.
I agree, I'd rather have a stable OS than a pretty one. Now we know why the themes/appearence was dropped from OS8.5, it got moved to OSX.

How will you feel when EditThisPage.Com has important features that only work on Windows? Think about all the other net services that are better with Windows. It's not a conspiracy, it's lack of competitive follow-through by Apple.

I cringed as I saw the iTools. Proprietary apps. Are they Java based? There was a really obvious reason for the return of the keychain in MacOS9. I hope that Avi and company has a better handle on security than MS since Unix was basis for Mach. Nah, let's start a pool, first security problem with iTools. I say 28 days.

But the biggest thing about iTools, vs previous MS attempts, is that iTools are not features that you cannot get elsewhere Lot's of free e-mail sites. Lots of free disk space sites. Lots of free home page sites. Apple spending money of approved content is good for it's markets, but I bet the site list is licensed. Kidsafe probably just sets tc/ip to a proxy server. Easily changed.

MS has made a lot of MS Promises and sttill does proprietary stuff:

Second class treatment of Mac on the MS web site still continues. Is there a simple way to access the MS Mactopia without having to know the url? Only by clicking (and no searching), can you get to by going through It's probably simple today, with all the press releases, but try it on normal day.

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