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Re: Your favorite web-based DG interfaces?

Author:John VanDyk
Posted:1/5/2000; 3:49:45 PM
Topic:Your favorite web-based DG interfaces?
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I like Slashdot's forum. Why?

I can choose how the discussion appears: nested/threaded/flat.

I can change the direction of comments: oldest/newest first.

Moderation. Important comments get moderated up. Inane wisecracks get moderated away.

I can easily navigate thresholds to view just the important comments or get the whole scoop.

I can get the whole flow of the discussion just by scrolling. I prefer this rather than the summary view given by, for example. If there are two replies to a posted item I'd like to just see them with the posted item, not have to click on each one to get each comment. Each click means 5-20 seconds of wait time (I've got 100BT on a T3), and I can't quickly go back and see what so-and-so said in a previous comment without more page-by-page navigation.

I don't much like the numbers. Instead of saying In response to 14067 it would be clearer to newbies to say In response to this message. It actually took me quite a while to figure out What do all those numbers mean? I'd rather see Previous Message than Prev: 14066. But I belabor the point.

To summarize, I like to see a list of topics and then go into the full discussion, not a page for what each person said.

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