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Re: Your favorite web-based DG interfaces?

Author:Dan Lyke
Posted:1/5/2000; 4:39:28 PM
Topic:Your favorite web-based DG interfaces?
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Although attitudes about it seem to be heavily polarized, my favorite app with a web interface is Web Crossing. I love a lot about it, but being able to have one button that takes me through all the new messages in the discussions I want to track since I last logged read the various groups no matter where that was from is probably what puts that head and shoulders above all the rest that I run across.

The quickest enhancement would be some sort of multiple message view, don't know whether it'd be in message order or by tree, but trying to follow each and every message in a discussion is a pain.

And a way to not have the whole page in a table, Userland servers seem particularly adept at sending almost all of a page and then stalling for a long time, leaving me staring at nothing. This might also narrow the page so that it's not always about 50 pixels wider than my standard browser setting.

Also, how about a view that has headers for yesterday's and today's messages, or messages for the past 24 hours? Perhaps this is a smart decision on your part, but messages left late in the day don't get responded to, discussions die overnight (that might not be a bad thing, though).

I'd like to see the HTML content tags introduced, several times I've tried to use

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