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Re: Your favorite DG interfaces? Editing.

Author:Phil Wolff
Posted:1/6/2000; 9:27:48 PM
Topic:Your favorite web-based DG interfaces?
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I agree with most everyone else. Here are a few more...


No one mentioned shortcuts! I love this manila feature. I don't know yet how to make it even easier; perhaps to show a pop-up of shortcuts available on the site or list them in a side window.

Spell check! More "documents" are being created in email and DG today than in Word. Give us the bare minima that compensate for our weaknesses.

Like most folks in the UserLand universe, i organize my thoughts in lists and sublists. Outlining within the TextArea. Perhaps: - one level of bullet -- second level parsed in UL/OL and LI elements? perhaps even into xml structures?

give author the ability to append a signature string/field.

please remember to think about the DG UI in the context of PalmPilots, docked and wireless. i should be able to snag a thread for offline reading and respond via a simple form or email.

additional data fields. if i host a forum on movie reviews, let me add fields that i want to collect from contributors as part of each DG post. thumbsUp? worth full price? best moment? within a forum, it may be worth the added complexity to provoke thoughtful or broader responses. In a DG that reviewed career web sites, what fields might you want to have as at least optional parts of a review? A DG about comparing DG UI designs?

- Phil Wolff

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