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If you had to spend $5K by Friday...

Author:David Carter-Tod
Posted:4/19/2000; 1:47:22 PM
Topic:If you had to spend $5K by Friday...
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As in the nature of things budgetary, I need to spend about $5,000 by Friday or it gets taken away from me. Anyone care to help me with ideas?

I'm comfortable with my machines right now, and we have a very fine internet connection.

I'm thinking in the direction of hardware, particularly 2-way H.323 desktop video. VCON is getting highly recommended to me right now. I'd also like a digital camera or two. Is the Nikon Coolpix the way to go?

I'm up to date on most of my key software (i.e. don't suggest the following):

Photoshop (LE)
Dreamweaver (3) coursebuilder
Frontier (naturally - can't live without it)
Toolbook Assistant
Designers Edge
MS Office 2000

Is there something obvious I'm missing?



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