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xml namespaces

Author:Ed Draper
Posted:6/29/2000; 10:26:57 AM
Topic:xml namespaces
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I don't like namespaces. This is based on my own confusion when I see all those esoteric labels all over XML documents. I've been very clear about this all along.

Right on Dave!

I can't stand them either. Trying to read a complex xml document with tons of namespace refs is major pain in the neck. They clutter the data with a bunch of junk that adds no value to what I'm usually trying to accomplish. They also needlessly chew up gobs of bandwidth. I've had documents that the darn namespace refs were larger than the enclosed data!

I was thinking about this week before last when I was reviewing the SOAP SDL documentation. YUCK!


btw - I've been using XML day in and day out for the past 9 months and I've never had reason to make use of namespaces. Not only do I rarely need to combine XML documents, but when I do, there are plenty of more elegant ways than using namespaces.

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