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Re: What is RDF?

Author:Jonathan Eisenzopf
Posted:8/21/2000; 4:26:37 PM
Topic:What is RDF?
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I don't think I have to provide much detail since you've provided material here on, on, and the Fork mailing list. Unfortunately, I did not get a copy of your flame from this morning since you apparently took it down, toned it down, then put it back up. Resorting to personal attacks is very unprofessional.

You say you want to work with people, then you trash them, then you acuse them of not working with you. Then you get mad when someone calls you on it when you've invited the comments here. That's very uncool. And that's really all I've got to say.

Other than that, I think everyone wants to get to a solution. I think the only person that's shown otherwise is yourself. So let's get past that and start working together. My goal is to deliver simple, flexible solutions to users. I think we can at least agree on that.

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