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Re: Using members logon form for non-DG

Posted:4/8/1999; 11:23:37 AM
Topic:Using members logon form for non-DG
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Yes, I definitely misunderstood what part of membership had to be dynamic, and what parts of a news site could be file-based. Thanks for clearing it up. There is a lot to grok here.

One point of confusion for me was should I put a #urls in my local webpage subtable in the GDB, or do they have to be set in config.root? I've got a local #urls and left config.root responder.urls defined with the factory settings. I assume that the "closest definition to the action" rule applies here.

I had tried setting defaultMembershipGroup to employees, and setting it back to default. To clarify what I want to use members for, it is not to keep people out of a certain page, but to be able to save profiles for people. So for now I'm setting everything back to default just to try to get anything to work.

So I did just about everything you recommend. I changed file to http in #ftpsite. Beyond that, cookies are enabled. default.CookieDomain is the name of my server. My email server is setup. Now when I try accessing http://localhost/testpublish/logon/ it gives me a "302 FOUND; Found the page" message. No sign of anything that is actually on my logon page (which is named default). (By the way, when accessing localhost in this way, you do need to turn off proxy access in your browser, or add localhost to the exclude list? I didn't see that in your docs) However the example at localhost/htmlInterfaces/logon page is working, which is progress, yesterday it didn't. Which brings up another curiosity: why the triple slashes in the URL at htmlInterfaces.root.#ftpsite.url? Anyway, I got the 302 message several times yesterday, but I guessed at the time that meant mainResponder was not actually parsing my default page in the logon area. Now I guess it means there's some kind of membership checking problem... by taking #members (which was =default) out of my local logon table, now my logon page works. What a long path it's been!

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