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Re: I don't need another graduate degree

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/30/1999; 9:47:15 AM
Topic:The Doctor is In
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Before you get a chorus of No Way from people who depend on us not breaking their apps as we upgrade, your investment in Frontier would be wasted if we didn't have a committment to not breaking apps.

Here's what we plan to do. We're developing an entry-level interface called Manila (rhymes with Vanilla). When you boot it up, it's a functioning website that you can add content to, or redesign the look of. This gives us a common starting point for people to build skills on. You can learn how the website framework works when you want something more powerful than what Manila gives you. Or you can explore other facets of Frontier within the context of something that already works and does soemthing useful.

That's going to be the organizational cornerstone of Frontier as it goes forward. Instead of coming into the object database and trying to figure out what it all means, you come in thru a web browser with something you already understand how to use.

I think this is the biggest single thing we can do to lower the learning curve and make Frontier content management accessible to more people.

How does that sound?

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