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The Doctor is In

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/28/1999; 8:03:09 AM
Topic:The Doctor is In
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Some very good news this morning..

Dr Matt Neuburg, the author of the O'Reilly book on Frontier 4.2.3, has joined the UserLand team. He's going to work with us and with members of the Frontier community to improve the Frontier documentation, bring it up to date, covering the new features in Frontier 6 and beyond.

When Matt posts new articles I'll point to them from Scripting News and they will be linked into the Frontier website. As far as I'm concerned Matt is the document czar at UserLand now. This is really excellent because our upcoming software, which Matt is using, is designed for people like Matt. It's so recursive it makes my head spin!

And very shortly we'll open a Frontier discussion group as part of Frontier.UserLand.Com, and we can all work together to make Frontier's depth easier to use.

We're very excited to have Matt on board. He's very knowledgable and patient and loving teacher. I learned a lot from reading the O'Reilly book, and I wrote the software he was writing about! I think our docs will go from average to market-leading with Matt at work again.


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